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Xplor Home

The easiest way to keep track of your child’s day is with Xplor Home!








  • View your child’s learning, featuring all the beautiful photos and videos captured throughout the day

  • Learn about your Child’s progress and re-discover their passions

  • Invite and share those special moments securely with other family members.


  • Quickly and easily book into extra child care sessions when you need it most

  • Send messages to your centre to let them know if you’re running late or will be absent


  • Monitor your child’s health at a glance with easy analytics covering sleep, nutrition, toileting and sun protection


  • Simplify your child care financials so they’re easy to manage

  • Quickly see how much child care subsidy you are receiving and when payments are due


  • Enabled notifications so you can change the settings on those you choose to receive

  • Invite Hub Guests to sign your child in/out on the Xplor Hub tablet

  • Improved sign in and out with QR codes

  • Separate Health and Learning Timelines

  • Emergency contact and Guardian Management

  • Improved mobile bookings

  • Childcare Subsidy Management, financial statements and payment integration

Download it now from Google Play or the App Store!

Click here to view the Xplor Home App Digital Guide.


Enrolling at a Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre is easy, and we’ll help you every step of the way. To enrol online new families will need to join our waiting list. Once your waiting list form is submitted we will contact you to confirm our vacancies. We will send d you a copy of our an enrolment form to complete online. We'll support you every step of the way. You will be invited to an orientation day so you can see where your child will be cared for and to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. 

If you haven’t already checked your eligibility for government subsidies, talk to Centrelink. You’ll find more information on subsidies in our FAQs section.

What happens on my child's first day?

Our centre staff are more than happy to explain the process of dropping off your child. We will call you on your child's first day to let you know how things are going. You are always welcome to call us at anytime if you would like to check how your child is doing. At the end of child's first day talk to one of our educators or read through our online observation and daily journal to get a feel for how well your child is adapting to our centre. We will do everything to help your child to settle in quickly. 

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