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Our Commitment


Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre aims to provide children with a non-discriminatory, creative program that aims to encourage natural imagination.


We aim to provide healthy relationships between parents, staff and children, based on mutual respect, consideration, kindness and affection.


We aim to foster a sense of belonging for children and their families, whilst at our centre.


We aim to recognise and encourage the child’s growing independence, sense of self and developing self esteem by fostering a trusting and secure relationship where the child known and trusts that his/her emotional and physical needs will be met.

We aim for educators to respond sensitively to children’s communications and interactions, both physical and verbal.

We aim to include developmentally appropriate small and large group projects and interest based activities and experiences that strengthen children’s dispositions to observe, experiment and explore their environment.


We aim to create a place where the child feels free and safe to imagine, explore, create, laugh and have fun.

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