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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have more queries, please feel free to call us on (02) 4455 2894.

Facilities and provisions

Q. What ages does Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre cater for?

A. We cater for children aged from six weeks to school age.

Q. What are the operating hours?

A. We open from 7.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year. We are not open on weekends or public holidays. 

Q. Do the children receive meals?

A. We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and breakfast and a late snack. Our meals are freshly prepared by our cook and they are healthy and nutritional meals. 

Q, Are nappies and wipes provided for babies and toddlers?

A. Yes, we provide nappies and wipes for the children. 

Enrolment process

Q. How do I enrol at Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre?

A. To enrol online new families will need to register to our Waiting List. We will then send you an offer and ask you to accept the offer if a permanent spot is available for your child. If the placement is accepted, you will then be required to complete the enrolment form. We'll support you every step of the way. You will be invited to an orientation day so you can see where your child will be cared for and to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. 

Q. What happens if there are no vacancies at Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre?

A. If there are no vacancies at the centre you will be asked to join our waiting list. This waiting list is regularly reviewed and families are contacted once a place becomes available.

Fees and benefits

Q. What do I need to do before my child attends?

A. Please contact the Family assistance office on 136150 or to register your child for child care subsidy (CCS) . You will need to provide your family and your child’s reference numbers on the enrolment form. If these numbers are not provided full fees will be applicable. For further information regarding this process please see or ask our office for parent information fact sheets regarding this.

Q. How much does it cost to send my child to Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre?

A. We are a Child Care Subsidy Approved Centre. Fees are dependent on things such as the number of days in care, the age of your child as well as your eligibility for any government subsidies. Please call us so we can provide you with a quote.

Q. What happens if my scheduled day falls on a public holiday?

A. Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre, along with many other providers in the sector, closes for public holidays. If your scheduled booked day falls on public holidays, fees will still apply as staff and operating costs still need to be covered. The Australian Government's Child Care Subsidy (CCS) covers up to 42 absence days a year, which includes public holidays. We offer make-up days for public holidays. 

Q. Do I still need to pay if my child is sick?
A. The Child Care Subsidy will cover up to 42 absence days a year with no documentation and unlimited sick days if you're able to provide a medical certificate or similar. Fees still apply for sick days, however our Centre Director may be able to arrange a make-up or swap day at their discretion. 

Q. What government benefits are available to families?

A. The Child Care Subsidy is offered by the Australian Government for which you may be eligible. To find out if you are eligible for this subsidy visit the Department of Human Services website

Q. What is the Child Care Subsidy(CCS)?

A. The CCS is a payment provided by the Australian Government that covers 36-100 hours of childcare per fortnight. Eligible parents or guardians must:

  • Meet Australian residency requirements

  • Be enrolled/enrolling in an approved early learning centre 

  • Meet child immunisation conditions.

The amount of CCS you receive varies depending on your income, type of care, amount of care, number of children in care, and the activity test. This last test is about whether you (or your partner) use childcare due to a work or study commitment. If you do, you could be eligible for higher CCS payments. To make the most of your Child Care Subsidy please ask us about our Flexible Subsidy program.

Find out more about the CCS 


Q. What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

A. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) describes the principles, practices and outcomes essential to young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school. It's part of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care.

The framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, recognising the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development. There are five learning outcomes defined by the EYLF:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity.

  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

  • Children are confident and involved learners.

  • Children are effective communicators.


Find out more about the EYLF 

Q. What is the National Quality Framework?

A. The National Quality Framework (NQF) was the result of an agreement between all Australian governments to work together to provide better educational and developmental outcomes for children.  

The NQF introduced a new quality standard in 2012 to improve education and care across long daycare, family daycare, preschool/kindergarten, and outside school hours care.

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and sets a high, national benchmark for early childhood education and care.

The NQS brings together the 7 key quality areas that are important to outcomes for children:

  1. Educational program and practice

  2. Children’s health and safety

  3. Physical environment

  4. Staffing arrangements

  5. Relationships with children

  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  7. Leadership and service management


Learn more on the ACECQA website

What to pack

Q. What do I need to pack in my child's bag?

A. Here is a list of what to bring each day

  • Change of clothes

  • Comfort item (if required), such as a toy or blanket

  • Dummy in a sealed, named container (if required)

  • Bottles

  • Expressed milk (if required)

  • Water bottle with a lid 

  • Any medications – please give these to centre staff to manage directly. 

Q. Do I need to pack a lunch?

A. We provide meals, including morning and afternoon tea and lunch. 

Q. Do I need to pack sunscreen?

A. As a sun-safe organisation we provide child-friendly sunscreen, however if your child has sensitive skin please feel free to provide your preferred brand.

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