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Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is guided by the key principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework. Belonging, Being, Becoming. These are:



  • Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships

  • Partnerships with families

  • High expectations and equity for children, families and educators

  • Respect for diversity

  • Ongoing learning and reflective practice



  • Holistic approaches – recognising that children’s learning is integrated and interconnected

  • Responsiveness to children

  • Learning through play

  • Intentioned teaching

  • Learning environments – where educators create a safe, nurturing, creative environment designed for active learning

  • A place of high expectations that engages and challenges the minds and bodies of all children.



How are our children learning?

Our curriculum is influenced by many theoretical perspectives and educational approaches. Our curriculum design and planning is strongly influenced by the socio-constructivist approach, where children create meaning and construct knowledge through their relationships and interactions with each other, their educators and their environment. We are also guided by many contemporary educational approaches, including the teachings of Reggio Emilia, the ‘Project Approach’, the ‘Emergent Curriculum.

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