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Service Menu

Good nutrition is necessary for the active growth and development that takes place in early childhood. Good eating habits and a well-balanced diet support children’s health and well-being, and minimise the risk of illness. Eating habits developed in the early years are likely to have a lifelong influence. (Get up and Grow 2009)


Each menu, which includes breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and late afternoon snack, is created to include a balance of all the major food groups in accordance with the recommended daily serving suggestions. This is essential for maintaining children’s health and well-being.


Myrtle Street Early Learning Centre offers 5 meals throughout the day. We are extremely considerate of food allergies and dietary requirement. Children's meals are prepared and cooked in-house by our own chef.

Our Menus are proudly displayed throughout our Centre.


Our menu changes in Winter and we rotate our menu every week. 

Please Download a sample of our menu

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